With a refreshing beautiful, from the Venetian Goldsmith Art inspired multi thread embroidery in stylised design, delights of the bra The Eye Of The Betrachters. Verlockender underwired bra with dreigeteilter bowl by Eprise de eprise de lise Charmel. The Made from strong polyamide elastane tulle lingerie has an irresistible finish to wear and provides a secure stand.

This bra from Eprise is perfectly matched to the line Princesse gothique and can be worn in the total look of Eprise and eprise de lise Charmel. The higher off central bar is decorated by a elegant jewellery cover small Swarovski Elements highlights. eprise de Brand: lise Charmel Series: Princesse gothique Item number: B C C2825 Feature: Underwired Bra, extra support by L I S E Charmel from the Princesse Gothique Series.

Thanks to its Sorgsamen Finish Adapts to the model of the shape of slippage during use. Wider straps are adapted to the model. .